LawRun - Version 13-B3 (05/06/2020) downloads

  • LawRun - Version 13-B3 (05/06/2020)

•New brand (v9 nostalgia)
•LawRun-Nvt.Drivers old one (v9 nostalgia)
•Fix Touch Latency + touch missing
•Fix CPU Stuck issue
•Fix boot loop
•Fix Charging issue
•Fix network speed indicator
•Fix Network signal guru
•Fix BT & Calling issue (Some users)
•Fix Sound driver issues
•Fix Fingerprint issue
•Update wireguard to latest 1.0.202
•Improve performance, GPU performance, ram management & heating management
•lighter kernel (delete useless configs)
•Miscellaneous changes and fixes

•Magisk is recommended if you want to use the new installation way
•You can use it with dipper-beryllium-Polaris
•You can use our Profiles APP now check our website
•Profiles already included in this build you don't have to flash it separately

LawRun - Version 13-B3 (05/06/2020) Downloads

‣ Download - Here  Overclocked -Build - Q-Firmwares (Your Risk)

‣ Download - Here  Stock -Build - Q-Firmwares

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